Heart of the Bahá'í Faith
(followers of Jacques Soghomonian)

Name Heart of the Baha'i Faith
1st Guardian Shoghi Effendi
2nd Guardian Charles Mason Remey
3rd Guardian Donald Alfonse Harvey, France
4th Guardian Jacques Soghomonian (Became fourth Guardian in1991 after the death of Donald Harvey. He lives in Marseille, France.)

There should be a living Guardian to guide the UHJ as per the will of Baha'ullah and Abdu'l-Bahá.

The UHJ, in Haifa is a false one because it is without a Guardian.

Only a Guardian may declare someone to be a "Violater" as per the declaration of Shoghi Effendi in 1951.

This group has a living Guardian but no International Bahá'í Council or the Institution of Hands of Cause.


  • Heart of the Baha'i Faith
    A discussion group led by Brent Reed, spokesman for Guardian Jacques A. Soghomonian.

  • Baha'is loyal to the IV Guardian
    Beliefnet discussion group.

  • E-mail: Brent Reed - american_bahai@yahoo.com

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