Heterodox Bahá'ís

Those who believe that the Guardianship ended with Shoghi Effendi and at present UHJ is the true leader.

This is the major Bahá'í sect .They believe that Guardianship became BADAH (God changed His Planned) and their will be no more Guardians after Shoghi Effendi.

At the death of Shoghi Effendi, while he was in London, his widow put out a telegraph stating that the Guardian was "very ill"; knowing he was in fact deceased.

When the Hands later met in Haifa to open the safe, they broke the seal, and they found no Will and Testament. Later that night, one of the Hands (a Persian) later told other Persian Hands that the Guardianship was "BADA" (i.e. God changed His mind on the matter), and that the Guardianship was over for all time. At first the American and British Baha'is were appauled by such a doctrine, but they later recanted, and all (including Remey) signed a document stateing that the Guardian left no successor, so the Hands would now be the HEAD of the Faith.

Years before, Remey claimed that he had been approached by a number of the Hands who said, "The Guardian wants you to succeed him should he die without a son!" Remey probably believed that these same Hands would come forward and nominate him as 2nd Guardian. This did not happen.

Instead, Ruhiyyih Khannum (widow of Shoghi Effendi) and the Persian Hand who came up with the new "BADA" doctrine of the Guardianship, and a few others, DISBANDED the International Baha'i Council, and formed a new institution called the "Custodians". These were be 9 Hands who would run the Faith. This included Ruhiyyih Khannum and some "hand picked" Hands who would support her and her decisions. For all practical purposes, Khannum "ruled" the Baha'i Faith from that point until her death.

In 1963 the Hands meet together in Haifa and they elected nine member council called as Universal House of Justice to look after the affairs of the Bahá'ís. This UHJ is elected every five years.

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